URC Daily Devotion by Verena Walder

Titles of Jesus  – LIght of the World

What can one say about such a statement which is so fundamental to our faith? Jesus spoke often about the light but here He very definitely states that HE is the light and if we walk with Him we shall never walk in darkness. How wonderful it would be if we could actually live like this, never going through experiences which perhaps we would call dark.

The wonder of our faith, and trust in Jesus, is of course the fact that despite/in spite of such experiences which life forces upon us we can still live in the light, because our Saviour is that light. What comfort there is to be found in Scripture as we read that we can walk in the light, and are encouraged to do so, rather than clinging to the works of darkness, as was our former life before we walked in the light of Jesus.

Jesus Himself boldly says that those who walk in the dark don’t know where they are going (John 12:34), a fact that seems so clear in its meaning, but can be something which we might not always have lived true to.

With such assurance, with such positivity how can we but feel challenged by the words which our Saviour said about us being the light of the world? Living in the light, in the reflection of His light, day by day is wonderful but it also places upon us the responsibility of not marring that light by the way in which we live. Let us walk in His light and enjoy the sunshine He alone can bring us!

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