Musings from the Manse – January 2018

Where has this last year gone, is often heard at this time of year, and to add to that we can now say where has the last decade gone as we move further towards the end the second decade of this century. It also raises other questions as we reflect and look back;

What has this last year taught me?
Have I nurtured my faith and grown closer to Jesus?
What difference have I made in the life of others this year?
Is the Church moving forward?

Maybe if you’re like me you find these questions tough to answer, but it seems to me that if we don’t reflect back and learn from our past joys and sorrows, triumphs and failings then we cannot properly move forward.

I was listening to someone reflect on how she enjoyed period dramas on TV and she was musing about what a joy it would have been for her to have lived in a past period of time. She commented about how strong the community was then compared to now. When I reflected on her words later I remembered times that I felt part of the community when I was growing up and then how different neighbourhoods are now. Then came another piercing question; and what have I done to improve community in the area I live, the two areas I minister?

If we are to look with eyes open wide to 2018 we need to have the motivation to try to change the things that concern us. And it maybe that we think but that’s impossible I am only me, but I wonder where we would be today if Jesus had thought the same weak human thought as that. Instead this one man changed the world so dramatically that you and I are able to claim him as our saviour and friend.

You maybe thinking ‘but that was Jesus’ and your right, but each of us separately and together as Knaresborough URC can make a difference in the context in which we are placed and to not attempt that would be like saying NO to Jesus when he says to us “follow me”.

So let’s follow Jesus wherever He might lead us into 2018 with the same enthusiasm that children show for Christmas morning.

May we all be blessed in this pursuit.

Your friend and servant


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