Musings from the Manse – March

I remember years ago trying to sell my first car and advertised it in the paper and had three people ring me up but the first one who came put a deposit down of £50 and said he would sort things out and contact me later to make arrangements. I put the other two off coming to see it. After a few days I got a call from the purchaser who had decided he did not want the car and wanted his £50 back. I initially refused but when he threatened violence I capitulated. I thus had to start the process all over again and vowed never to sell a car privately again.

I wonder how you are at ‘selling’ your faith to others. We might not use that terminology but that is what we are called to do in Jesus’ Great Commission, calling us all to go and make disciples. There is a danger of the bad experience, as with my car sale, of being put off doing it for life. I am sure the disciples when first called to go out had set backs and challenges, some who would listen to them and some who would not.

In John’s Gospel we hear that when the disciple Andrew agreed to follow Jesus the first thing he did was to find his brother Simon and invite him to meet Jesus. In doing so Jesus offered them a wonderful new way of life of knowing Him and enjoying His promises; His forgiveness, continual presence, hope, peace and assured future in His presence.
It’s amazing that this is what Jesus gives us and our natural response should be that this is something we are desperate to share with others, hence desperate to introduce others to him.

I am certain that Lent is a time to reflect and take action to follow Christ’s calling to use this time positively to share our faith story with another, a family member, friend, colleague or stranger or put another way introduce Jesus to them. If fear of what they might say stops you doing it, we need to heed God’s word ‘Do not be afraid’ which occurs 365 times in the Bible one for each day.

We will all share our faith with others differently in our own way as we all have different abilities and different relationships but I encourage you to speak to at least one person about Jesus and then share with me and others in our church the response you get. Maybe these words will encourage you;

‘If you want someone to know what Christ will do for them, let them see what Christ has done for you.’

I look forward to hearing your stories

Your friend and servant


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