Musings from the Manse – May

Christ is risen. He is risen indeed, Alleluia.

With those words having being spoken by Christians across the world over Easter just one month ago, I have been wondering how long words last. I am sure some of us can remember words said by our parents or quotes by famous people, that stick in our mind. My dad would often say to me when I was being badly behaved [I know you find that hard to believe], ‘you’re treading on very thin ice’ or ‘you’ll cry before you go to bed!’ I am also sure that some of us have found us saying the same or similar sayings to our own children or grandchildren and then saying things like ‘oh I do sound like my mum’ etc.

I wonder then if those familiar Easter words are also ones that are on our tongues or indeed are ones lovingly passed on to the next generations or are we like as I once read from a minister to whom someone said to her ‘well that’s Easter over’? It may have been an innocent comment but as we reflect on it, how can Easter EVER be over for us? Surely for Christians we live in the light of the resurrected Jesus and so our message to the world at all times is ‘Christ is Risen’.

How then do we live as Christians and Church in the knowledge that in a way, just as in scripture, Easter was just the start of our journey as Easter People. For we can tell our families and friends how much they are loved because of what Jesus did for them on Good Friday and we can tell them of eternal life because of what happened on Easter Day and we can keep telling them.

We can tell them about those times or moments we see resurrection in our lives or in the lives of others and we can get them to see in their own lives how God gives by grace, resurrection times and moments. So let us journey as did the first disciples and early church into places, experiences that we are all called to as we follow Christ not in the shadow of the cross but in the light of resurrection so we to can declare those ‘I have seen the Lord’ moments or proclaim ‘My Lord and my God.’ The cross is empty, the tomb is empty because Christ lives on in you and me.

This first Easter here for me has been a great blessing, sharing with you in Easter worship and activities and then sharing for my first time in Spring Harvest. All of which, has given me much to reflect on and so much to praise God for. I look forward to us proclaiming together to each other and our our communities that Jesus is alive in his church and his world.

Your friend, servant and Easter colleague


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