For a few years now we have enjoyed having a Posada at Knaresborough URC where Mary and Joseph ‘doll’ sized figures have been taken by church members to visit the housebound and families

This year it has been quite different. Two large figures of Mary and Joseph have been placed outside church, with a manger… all set within a stable, illuminated with lights and adorned with angels, which have been carefully decorated by children from a local primary school. Set on a prominent corner, this has caused quite a bit of interest within the town.

In order to take God’s message of Christmas out to the local community, within the first week of Advent, our fellowship set about the task of visiting the 180 businesses within the town, with our Mary and Joseph ‘dolls’ to take our Christmas blessings and share God’s love with them. Each business was given a large angel to display along with a supply of smaller angels. The idea is that the smaller angels, which are mounted on cards, are placed back in the manger if people would like to offer a prayer or simply reflect. The response from the town has been overwhelming. Each day pictures were uploaded onto our facebook page facebook.com/knaresboroughurc and again we had a record breaking interest. Traders had been waiting for Mary and Joseph to visit them and we are so grateful for the warm welcome we received and our prayer is that Jesus will be welcomed into the hearts of those who met with during the Advent season.

During the second and third week of Advent, Mary and Joseph were taken into local Primary Schools, Care Homes, Charity Organisations and once again the message of Jesus’s birth was told and God’s love was shared with those who met them.

Mary and Joseph return to Knaresborough URC on Christmas Eve for a short service at 4pm when we prepare for the birth of Jesus.

We are indebted to all those who have received Mary and Joseph and to all those who have encouraged us in our calling to share the good news within the community and we are so grateful to the 420 children at Aspin Academy who carefully decorated the angels.

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