Musings from The Manse for March

I watched a TV program sometime ago from America that told a story of a teenage boy who was overweight, weighing 22 stone. The program showed how he met with a personal trainer who would work with him for 4 months to help him loose weight. At first the boy said he was motivated to loose weight but on the first exercise session said he was sick and clearly was not committed to the task. The personal trainer asked him what his real motivation was to change his lifestyle and after a few weeks she help him to turn his attitude around from someone who never stuck at anything to a focussed, committed and motivated young man. By the end of the four months he had lost over 7 stone and had a completely different attitude to life.

This had made me think about what motivates us in life to do what we do and be what we are and to change those things God would have us change. As Romans 12.1-2 tells us ‘Offer yourselves as a living sacrifice to God, dedicated to his service… let God transform you inwardly by a complete change of your mind. Then you will be able to know the will of God.’

I wonder if you are as challenged by these words as I am. Yes there are times in my life where my motivation seems low and yet so often when it is I am touched by God’s presence through reading his word or an experience and I am soon firing on all cylinders again.

It begs the question however, what motivates you? When you first wake up in the morning what are your first thoughts? What is it that enables you to greet the day? When you lie in bed at night and reflect on the day do you

see signs that you have been motivated to allow God to transform you?

We are moving into the period of Lent which is a time of reflection and I would encourage you in this time of Lent to study God’s word to come to one of the Lent House Groups to share with your colleagues in Christ and to learn together and to be transformed together.

Jesus was motivated to journey to the cross where he carried the hatred and sins of the world, the abandonment of his followers and most difficult the apparent abandonment of God himself. And yet, how can we fail to be motivated by Christ’s example to take up our cross and follow him.

May you find Christ in Lent and allow him to lead you into new pastures.

Your friend and servant


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