Musings from The Manse – May

I am writing my musings as we move into Holy Week so as yet I don’t know how God will speak to me over Easter but I do know that during Lent I have been so encouraged by our Lent Groups and our conversations as we opened scripture together considering the Easter story. At times I have been profoundly moved and challenged as we shared both our insights and application of God’s word and it has raised more questions for me to ponder on.

I wonder as you look back on your own Easter if you can say that the passion of the Easter story has ignited in you a passion to share with the world your faith, your hope and your love in Jesus. Or has it been like any other Easter or indeed worse? And where is God in all these reflections? I certainly know that for some I have been speaking to that God has been with them in their current life struggles, their suffering physically or mentally or indeed at the hands of others. They have been given comfort and strength and love and we continually hold those we love before God in prayer.

So in reflecting back over Lent and Easter, I believe that as two Churches in this Pastorate God is moving us and I pray that our enthusiasm to follow Jesus may lead us into new pastures that both reaffirm our faith in Him and challenge the status quo. It seems clear to me that as we continue to develop our thinking and actions around our mission intensions, staying as we are is not an option that God calls us to. We may have to take difficult decisions that involves looking at things we want to hold on to, we may have to step out into places where we feel uncomfortable. BUT isn’t that following the example of Christ who challenged what the established church had become and encouraged his disciples to step out in faith. In all this trusting that Jesus will ‘be with us till the end of an age.’ Resurrection is not just a once a year day but needs to be ongoing in our lives and as the Easter cross bedecked with flowers fades may our faith not follow suit but be nurtured, encouraged and show growth and fruit.

May we all continue to take steps of faith together with Jesus, into places that he would have us go!

Your friend and servant


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