Mission Rescue – Holiday Club 2019

Our Holiday Club week for 2019 ended on Friday 2nd August and what a time we had! Seventy plus children filled the church with much laughter and chatter. They learned all about Moses and how God helped him to set the Israelites free even though he felt he wasn’t up to the task. But, Moses trusted God and God told him what to do and the people were set free! So, the children too were taught that God is there for them and will help them if they ask him. They made treasure boxes, and spy masks, magnifying glasses and even a snake, because Moses’ stick turned into a snake. The drama was based on spies and rescuing and cracking the code.

We all had a wonderful time singing songs, playing games, watching the puppets and joining the crazy “warm up” each morning!

We feel blessed by the children’s joy and spirit of fun and we hope that they may feel blessed too by what they learnt this past week. We hope that we see you all again next year and thank you for all the gracious comments.

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