Our Harvest Festival and the Things Knaresborough is Thankful For

Over the past few weeks the ‘Churches Together in Knaresborough’ have been delivering Harvest cards to almost 200 shops and businesses in our town centre. These cards were to thank all of them for their services to our town and our thanks go to all who took time to deliver them and collect the replies, as this year we asked for a response to the question:- ” What would you like to give thanks for?” Five responses were asked for from each shop and returns varied in number but here are the many answers we received which reflect, which are the most important things to the lovely people in our town.

Family (42), health(37), friends (30)were the most important followed by customers(17), Food(14), Knaresborough and its community(21), sunshine (10),NHS (8), Life itself (7), employment (7), friendly people and children (6) each.
Volunteers (5), Nature (5), love (4), assistants and servers (3), long term trade (3), happiness (3), a kind word (3).
The market, Yorkshire, working conditions, Grandchildren, the River, cancer recovery, gardens, support, cake, having a future, farmers and holidays all received 2 votes.
All of the following received one vote:-
Our situation, start of football, work collegues, donations, boats, handicrafts, peacemakers, Jesus, tourists, dogs, peace in Europe. a smile from a stranger, a listening ear, a good hairdresser, waking up, respect, view from castle top, getting into the Good Beer Guide, hair straightners, independence, laughter, choc biscuits, time, coffee, harvest time, peace, gin, facebook, netflix, God of the harvest, David Essex, Butter Mintoes, Chutney, past generations, fish and chips, Autumn, Christmas, Vets, faith, each other, rain, prayers for the hungry, charities, God, Education, Curry, Animals and warmth.
These were the subjects that the people of Knaresborough were asking us to give thanks for on their behalf. If you can’t see yours here, it maybe that it has been included under a more general heading.
These responses will be offered to all the churches in Knaresborough to include in their Harvest Thanksgiving Services.
Our Service will be this Sunday 29th September at 10.00am. Please do come and join us and give Thanks.

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