Musings from the corner of the office…….. October

A walk to school earlier in the week revealed the way that our environment is changing…flowers dying back and leaves turning from lush green to vibrant red, yellow and orange, the crunch of fallen leaves under foot and a certain chill in the air that made me zip up my coat and wonder where my gloves were.

Yes, we seem to speeding through September to my second favourite season but a season that is now, for me, a time to remember a life changing event.
A year ago I was contemplating the possibility of life on my own…something which became a reality at the end of October when Paul lost his battle with cancer.
This has been a year of getting used to solo living and being a single bunny mum! A year of DIY and decorating, rearranging furniture and many visits to the tip.
It`s been a year which saw both our deputy head and head teacher leave Aspin Park Academy to embark on their new adventures. A year when I have found myself in a different role for a term.
So yes, this has been a year of huge changes in all aspects of my life.
Change is sometimes hard…it hurts unbearably, some changes are simply a challenge to be overcome, some bring huge benefits and others are simply an unnecessary pain. But sometimes change can be exciting!
It is with mixed emotions that I face the coming term. Of course the coming months will bring harsh, heart breaking memories just as they will bring challenges at school as I climb the steep learning curve which is Deputy Headship. And who knows where I will be in January!!!!!
However, it is already proving to be a fantastic opportunity. I am loving finding new ways to impact children`s education and new opportunities to support children, staff and parents. I love that I am learning new things myself even if it means asking a thousand questions…some of them I am sure very silly ones.
I know that just as God has travelled with me through all the tears and tough times He will continue to do so as I face the challenges ahead. He has placed people alongside me…family, church family, friends and colleagues… who have offered love and support which has been so appreciated and I know that He will continue to do that too.
I thank God for the new challenges! I thank him for giving me knew things to do and for proving to me that even though life is different it is still incredibly good…amazingly good!
I pray that where ever each of you are in your life, what ever life may be throwing at you at the moment and what ever challenges and changes you are having to navigate you will totally know that God is there alongside you and that He will never ever abandon you.
I pray too that you will be able to see the potential that life has to offer as you serve God in old ways and in new.
With love Hxx

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