Musings from the Manse – February

I remember watching The Slipper and the Rose film when it came out in 1976 which is the story of Cinderella. I used some of the songs when involved in directing pantomimes, including the song ‘What has love got to do with getting married’? The song is directed at the Prince who according to his parents the King and Queen, needs to ‘find a mate’;

What has love got to do with getting married? 
Why should love enter into it at all?
Love can make you quite emotionally harried when you’re married
It’s pedantic and romantic falderal ….
….Love will have to wait

The Prince of course insists he will only marry if he finds someone to love, which
is no doubt the view we would take. So if we agree that the foundation for marriage is love then what about other meaningful relationships is it not the same albeit a different kind of love, but still love. The love of family and friends is easy to appreciate but what about colleagues, what about our neighbours and what about our enemies? I am sure we know the Bible tells to love our neighbour, love our enemies. It also tells us to love God and love ourselves!
So if God was to appraise our ‘loving’ in all these cases how well would we measure up, especially against Christ’s example, and probably more important how would God measure the effort we put in to doing so? Or would you want to argue with God ‘what has love got to do with it’ or ‘why should love enter into it at all’, as the song goes. I have no doubt we wouldn’t but some times our actions might not demonstrate love as Jesus describes and calls for. And how much do we love ourselves, some say we can’t love God if we don’t love each other and ourselves….now there’s a challenge.
As we move to the month of valentines, I wonder would we send a card to Jesus, our neighbour and ourselves expressing our love, not the sloppy sentimental love we might see on a valentine card but ‘Agape’ the highest form of love….and of course this can’t be anonymous.
With love in Christ

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