Musings from the Manse – April

Well what a joy it has been so far in Lent sharing with the 40+ people who have attended the Lent Groups across the two churches. It has been fascinating listening to such a wide variety of views as we have considered the things Jesus carried when he went to the cross, much of which have certainly challenged my own thinking. I am in no doubt that when the people of God come together in this way, God is reflected in the fellowship, the wisdom and insights and in the differing views that are being shared.

I have found a real passion for God amongst us and an openness in the safety of the groups to share honest thoughts and views, however, I still hear about the difficulty people feel about sharing their faith outside church. It is interesting that as I look at my own life in the recent weeks I am sure I have had many more conversations about Coronavirus than I have about Jesus. Of course this is a having major impact on life across the world but surely no more so than Jesus has and does. Some may say but Coronavirus is an immediate problem and I agree but so is the lack of knowledge in the world about Jesus and his love for us.  For Christ shared His passion for the world by accepting God’s purpose for Him to be crucified, to show us how much we are loved.

It would do us well to remember as disciples of Christ today, that whilst we may fear sharing our faith with others, that Jesus was abandoned by His disciples and faced the cross alone. As the pain of each nail pierced His body and the agony of being lifted upright ran through each nerve, our Lord cried to God to forgive you and me. And on the third day Christ rose again! Surely a message we want people to know.It is likely that as things move on with Coronavirus and we get closer to Easter, that Easter will look very different this year. There may be things we cannot do, we may not be able to meet, we may be in lock down but God is not and so we have to look for other ways to share Christ’s love with others.

So may the passion of the Easter story ignite in us a passion to share with the world our faith, hope and love in Jesus.

Have a happy, safe and blessed Easter


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